Develop Mastery in the Experiential Skills of the Emotion Focused Approach to Therapy

“Theory into Practice”

EFST “Theory into Practice” is a training and guided practice program to develop and enhance mastery in utilizing the experiential skills of the Emotion Focused approach to therapy. It is an emotion-processing, skills-based approach built around the concept of an Emotion Focused Skill NET to structure the teaching and learning of emotion focused skills.

The Emotion Focused Skill NET

Navigate Emotions – Enhance Motivation – Transform Relationships

  1. Navigate the world of emotions and develop self-efficacy in working with emotion
  2. Enhance motivation-to-change with emotion focused techniques
  3. Transform relationships with emotion focused tasks

Brief Overview of Components

Navigate Emotions

Develop core and advanced skills and techniques to build self-efficacy with recognizing, exploring and utilizing emotion, emotion markers, and emotion processes.

Enhance Motivation

Understand motivation in terms of emotion schemes. Develop and expand emotion focused chair skills to explore current motivation and enhance motivation-to-change.

Transform Relationships

Further identify and explore challenges to motivation-to-change in old patterns of relating. Further develop and elaborate emotion focused chair skills with exercises to facilitate transformation.

Emotion Focused Skills Training – Theory into Practice supports practice change at all levels of experience. For those with prior emotion focused training, it supports turning theory into practice by focusing on therapist processes and therapist motivational impasses, helping clinicians to overcome hesitations to use, deepen and master emotion focused skills. For those new to the approach, it provides an immersion into the experiential skills of the Emotion Focused approach, to enhance clinical mastery in any context.